Columbus, OH

Position Desired

Healthcare Management
Anywhere in the U.S.


Experience: Instructional Design Consultant Lead (Contract), January 2018 to Present
L Brands, Columbus, Ohio

• Provide direction and support to the LBrands Learning & Development team on development and delivery
• Create a Task Analysis to identify all the necessary business processes that need training developed
• Proposed new program to identify and train future Trainers to eliminate external hiring process during peak seasons
• Create and manage Epics, change impacts, and training impacts in JIRA and Confluence
• Participate in UAT of the Manhattan dev/training/production environments
• Coordinate on a Training Plan including the type of training (ILT, WBT) rollout phases, the business participants, and a technology assessment
• Complete an in-depth Needs Analysis to gauge the need for training and set a base level for training development
• Perform a Risk/Gap Analysis for the business around the scope of the new training
• Devise an Audience Analysis for training development
• Construct a Curriculum Map for every swim lane of the training participants using Visio
• Conduct a Cultural Change Analysis for training of the new software system
• Formulate training metrics to accurately gauge the success of the new training rollout and evaluate ROI
• Assist in the RFI for a brand new LMS
• Create, from scratch, a companywide style guide for all training creation and technical writing
• Organize a program to identify and train future employee trainers and SMEs
• Design, develop, deliver, and implement eLearning (WBT) modules using Articulate Storyline 2/3
• Compose end-user manuals, job aids, SOPs, FAQs, and other technical training documentation
• Facilitate Alpha, Beta, Business Beta, and Gold review sessions with SMEs, Stakeholders, and Internal Audit

Instructional Design Consultant (Contract), August 2017 to January 2018
The Mosaic Company, Hudson, Ohio

• Managed buy-in from the business for the upgrade to the training and business processes, and began communication with leadership identifying the rollout process, procedures, and technological pain points
• Conducted cultural change assessments to gauge the risks of implementing new curriculum
• Provided monthly summit updates to the business regarding the status of the OCM initiatives
• Supported and facilitated the organizational redesign of the training curriculum (and business processes where identified)
• Assisted the business in identifying process shifts to the responsibilities of end-users
• Coordinated with SMEs to complete an in-depth task analysis
• Rewrote and edit existing training documentation into XML format
• Developed, formulated existing, uploaded, and tested training material in Xyleme LCMS
• Created skills and knowledge assessments to be completed by the client in Questionmark
• Designed, developed, and delivered on-the-job (OTJ), instructor-led, field operations training (FOT), and eLearning based on Bloom’s taxonomy
• Produced engaging reusable content using Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)
• Presented Alpha and Beta review material to SMEs for QA
• Developed ILT material (instructor guide (IG), participant guide (PG), team activities, games, hands-on training, course presentation slides)
• Delivered T3 (train-the-trainer) to the business
• Supervised Business Beta, and Pilot training delivery
• Conducted answer validation sessions with SMEs to gauge effectiveness of knowledge assessment questions, answers, and distractors
• Created tasks centered around operator qualifications to ensure training participants are able to obtain standardized qualifications
• QA and peer-reviewed course material
• Uploaded, tested, and maintained training material and documentation in the performance support tool, WIMS

Instructional Design Consultant (Contract), February 2017 to August 2017
Navigator Management Partners, Columbus, Ohio

• Assessed the change impact to the business process as it related to all 4000+ affected end-users
• Identified and assisted in the management of resistance to the process and training changes
• Assisted in training development plan, project management, and curriculum development
• Identified curriculum scope and determined training gaps and risks
• Designed, developed, and delivered over 150 eLearning modules for CPR+ (medical/pharmacy electronic medical records software) for over 4000 end-users in Articulate Storyline & Rise based on Bloom’s taxonomy
• Recorded and edited demonstration/simulation videos in Camtasia 9.0
• Meticulously storyboarded entire course with supplemental modules
• Documented step-by-step procedures from industry webinars
• Independently produced entry level and advanced level courses for internal audiences
• Uploaded SCORM files, tested eLearning courses, and assigned users in Grovo LMS
• Verified training standards, deadlines, stakeholders, SMEs, resources, and IT specs
• Developed knowledge check scenarios to validate training effectiveness
• Coordinated with SMEs for course material development
• Maintained documentation, collaboration, and workflows in SharePoint
• Retained principal ownership of Enterprise, Intake, and Warehouse courses

Senior Instructional Design Consultant (Contract), October 2016 to January 2017
Ventech Solutions, Columbus, Ohio

• Designed, developed, and delivered over 290 eLearning modules for CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services) in Adobe Captivate 9 utilizing ADDIE methodology
• Independently produced entry level and advanced level courses for both internal and external audiences
• Uploaded SCORM files and tested eLearning courses in CenterPoint LMS
• Developed hands-on exercises, scenarios, and assessments
• Created job aids and accompanying documentation for eLearning courses
• Defined data requirements for courses
• Established and administered appropriate, quizzes, skills assessment, evaluations and course certifications based on Bloom’s taxonomy and measurable metrics
• Coordinated with SMEs for course material development

Training Manager / Product Manager (Contract), January 2016 to October 2016
Cardinal Health, Dublin, Ohio

• Attained buy-in from Leadership regarding the need to utilize OCM to best fit the needs of independent business owners (pharmacy owners)
• Coordinated with Leadership to identify business process shifts, role responsibilities, and cultural impact of the new responsibilities for both internal and external end-users
• Continually monitored cultural changes with SMEs, process owners, and end-users to gauge buy-in and cultural change difficulties/pain points
• Restructured/Leaned Onboarding process from 14 business days to under 3 business days
• Eliminated 53-page paper enrollment packet and digitized entire process
• Tracked courses and module prog...

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