Ann Arbor, MI

Position Desired

Biomedical Engineering
Anywhere in MI


Objective: A full-time role in medical product R&D, clinical engineering, or consulting to promote healthcare innovation.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
• B.S. Cellular & Molecular Biology April 2014, GPA: 3.48/4.00
• M.S.E. Biomedical Engineering (Medical Product Development) April 2015, GPA: 3.86/4.00
• Regents Merit Scholarship
• Dean’s List 4 times, University Honors 3 times

Cranio-Maxillofacial Clinical Engineer – Materialise NV 2015-Present
• Works with surgeons, engineers, and other healthcare professionals to plan cranio-maxillofacial procedures, demo software, and process cases from data upload to medical device delivery.
• Supports medical device sales representatives to optimize patient-specific implant design and implementation.
Graduate Innovative Design Team – University of Michigan 2014-2015
• Pinpointed current clinical problems in awake craniotomy brain surgeries and investigated potential solutions to improve neurosurgeon orientation during surgical tumor removal.
• Crafted unique strategies to navigate regulatory and legal obstacles by performing extensive literature searches to identify predicate devices, conducting patent searches, and corresponding with field experts.
• Achieved all critical design requirements by designing and performing verification and validation testing that evaluated design considerations and the validity of specifications.
• Slashed procedural operating room time by over 50% consistently in a simulated environment, indicating a potential savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars per procedure.
• Addressed clinical need successfully by providing functional prototypes to U of M Neurosurgery department, where the technology is being further adapted to improve surgical procedures within months.
Cellular & Molecular Biology Lab Assistant – University of Michigan 2012
• Maintained daily operations multiple labs by taking inventory, restocking equipment, preparing media, autoclaving glassware, and tracking progress of post-doctoral work.
• Reorganized laboratory equipment and improved storage to promote efficient and timely work.
Undergraduate Researcher – University of Michigan 2012
• Assisted postdoctoral work by reviewing current research on cellular protein function, specifically Golgi Apparatus proteins, through literature searches and publication reviews to frame experiments and organize laboratory procedures.
• Performed basic molecular biology lab techniques, such as mini preps, Western Blots, PCR, plasmid preparation, and immunofluorescence imaging, and simple tissue culture techniques to maintain stable cell lines.
Novel Heart Valve Modification Project – University of Michigan 2010
• Built a portfolio of current heart valve treatment methods by meeting with cardiac surgeons and gaining insight into surgical methods and valve choice from clinical and engineering perspectives.
• Examined innovations and potential improvements in artificial valve design by reviewing publications and device submissions.
• Proposed innovative valve modifications and drafted final reports and presentations to communicate findings.

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